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Both of the sexy young wild girls I met were lesbians and I didn't know it. I was hitting on one of them at the bar and never even imagined that either were young licking lesbians college girls. Eventually I talked one of the girls into leaving with me but only if her friend could come along. My thoughts were a threesome with these to hot babes would be a lot of fun. Little did I know that they were lesbians. Probably should have but didn't as I was to damn horny to pay much attention.

We got in the car and I headed for a local motel I knew that wouldn't care if we all registered together. I'm pretty sure these two tiny tits lesbian girls never expected to end up in an amateur porn story but I truly wish I had their teen lesbians sex pics from that night to illustrate this story with. Oh well, I missed lots of opportunities back them for taking free porn sample pics but I don't miss as many now as I used to. It's become much more acceptable for girls to take or let be taken hot adult porn pics of them in action.

We all three got undressed and then I could see that these two a cup women had some really nice tiny tits and I was really going to enjoy sucking on them. We all climbed into bed and the brunette got into the middle of the bed where I'd wanted to be. So I got on one side and the blonde got on the other. After we were all arranged they both told me they had started as lesbianteens and had been lovers for a few years now. I could watch, suck tits and that was about all they would allow me to do, besides watch. Oh, both said they would give me a great hand job to make me cum after they did. So I got to play with their hot lesbian tits while they ate each others warm wet pussies to screaming orgasms.

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After they both came they put me in the middle and one of them started stroking my cock and licking my nipples while the other played with by heavy cum laden balls and lightly rubbed her finger over my asshole. This scene would have really made some hot porn pics but I wasn't into it them. However I can still see the images of these two hot lesbians girls in my mind and that's as good as it gets for porn gratis. Memories are almost as good as a photo but not quite.

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After I came all over the place these two little bitches started laughing, said it had been fun, got dressed and walked out leaving me there alone. Now all I had were memories, No erotic teen lesbian pics of these two hot girls, no porn pic or them or one damn thing. I must say tho, it was one of the best orgasms I'd ever had and since then the absolute best orgasms I've had was caused by a tall lesbian teen chick in a strip club. Never had one close to that good since but I keep looking.

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